Survival Training For Hot Environments

Our desert and hot weather survival training is designed to provide vital training and skills to individuals and organizations operating in hot environments in the United States or abroad. These courses are designed to meet the needs of professionals working in extreme heat. The training is especially valuable to: electrical line crews, survey crews, oil and gas crews, construction personnel, telecommunications crews, communication techs, and others who are working in dry or humid environments where extreme heat is common. Hot climate courses can be tailored for Desert or Tropic environments. The standard courses are 2-3 days in length. The first day is taught in the classroom with the remainder of the training in the field working on practical skills. The training is fast paced with an emphasis placed on hands-on experience. The course length and content can be modified to accommodate any specific requirements of the participating organization. Certifications are available for all of the training programs we offer. The following is a sample of subject areas taught during the program.

General Survival Concepts

  • Anatomy of a survival situation
  • Psychology of survival
  • Managing stress
  • Survival leadership
  • Priorities in body maintenance for a hot environment
  • Planning vs Panic
  • Anticipating problems
  • Improvise

Man In A Hot Environment

  • Preparing for the unexpected heat emergency
  • Dressing for heat
  • Water requirements
  • Locating water
  • Water production methods
  • Food and calorie requirements
  • Overview of heat injuries
  • Humidity and heat loss
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Heat stroke
  • Shelters from heat
  • Shade shelters
  • Survival kits for a hot environment
  • Hypothermia in a hot environment?
  • Using vehicles, aircraft, and equipment as tools for survival


  • When to travel in a hot environment
  • Stranded vehicle survival- What not to do
  • Land navigation
  • GPS
  • High-tech communications in a remote environment
  • Emergency locator devices

Natural Hazards

  • Dangerous animals
  • Venomous snakes
  • Annoying insects
  • Lightning
  • Flash floods


  • Traditional signaling basics
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Signaling workshop
  • Search and rescue for remote locations
  • Self-rescue

Survival Kits

  • Essential items
  • Personal kits
  • Vehicle kits
  • Aircraft kits
  • Special applications

Project Planning

  • Developing a safety and communications plan
  • Anticipating problems
  • Production vs. safety
  • Pre-planning for emergencies
  • Organizing available resources(know before you go)

Training Locations

Check out our new book Outdoor Survival Guide written by Randy Gerke and illustrated by Kay Gerke, the founders of Enviro-Tech International. Click here to learn more.

The training can be provided in any location. The most effective training is done on site. ETI also has training sites in Colorado.


Cost for training is based on the length, location and number of participants enrolled. Contact us for a detailed proposal.


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